We collaborate with great talent. You can expect top-notch design execution from storyboards to final delivery.

3D Animation

Whether it’s motion graphics, modeling, character animation, rendering, or live-action integration you need, we have you covered.


Liquid, smoke, particle effects – you’ve come to the right place

Live Action

We partner up with directors and DPs from Portland and L.A. to bring your story to life.


If you need help with your script, top notch voice talent, or killer sound design, we have the people to make it happen.

Joel Stewart

Joel Stewart

Creative Director

Joel has over 10 years of creative expertise, and has had the pleasure of leading large and small teams, both locally and around the world.

Foil TV is like its namesake: malleable, beautiful and efficient. We believe in keeping things fresh at an affordable price. We pledge to remain small, nimble, and to strive for profection.

Part of our “keep it fresh” approach revolves around the concept of a company that evolves and changes with each individual project. We continuously look to partner up with best talent for your unique needs. That means we’ll have a creative team that can adapt to your every need. We don’t believe in waste, and that is why you won’t be paying for our trendy office or on-site masseuse. When you need a hard-working team of eight, we are there. Maybe you can only afford a one-man band? No problem. Our promise is to wrap every project with superior style and value.

From cloud-based project management to creative direction – you are in good hands. We pledge to create a long-lasting partnership that is low on drama and high on smiles. We aren’t looking for a “yes that’s good”, or “no that doesn’t work” from you. Our goal is to get a “WOW”.